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A few others decide to get rid of ‘family-cage’ as they cannot stand with anything interfering their career and go to the extent of fighting in court for legal separation.A third group of Eves don’t make that mistake at all they live as ‘kumari Eves’ for ever, never like to compromise their inflated ego and hardly believe in the ‘recreation of procreation’.The first city of the British Empire is now dominated by the high rise temples of modernity, among them are the Gherkin, the Lloyd's Building, Vertigo 42 and Canary Wharf.But soaring above them all is the new kid on the block — The Shard.

"I re-interpret these precious age-old recipes and add a contemporary twist to them," she says, adding, "I have created an extensive line of sweets with a Marwari touch." And that includes Tirangi Mithai, Kaju Jalebi, Pethe Ki Gilori and more. Tirangi Mithai (8 pieces) Method Soak the almonds for five to six hours, before removing the peels.

In India, Gujia is traditionally made for the holidays like Diwali and Holi and is a must have treat.

Later, Manu proclaimed that no freedom should be given to Eves – ‘the trouble- makers’ – in the world.

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