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There is an exception to the caste divide in Shahabpur, which many Muslim and Hindu men enjoy.

The chamars, the biggest of Shahabpur's half-dozen dalit caste-groups get the worst of it.From a nearby hamlet, half a mile away, comes a happy clanking of cooking-pots and children's shrieks.In the wasteland outside Sarju's stockade, two men, squatting a modest 20 yards apart, are chatting companionably as they take their morning purge.As the village midwife she performs another unclean task; it may seem odd, but conservative Hindus despise the woman who delivers their babies, because she comes into contact with the afterbirth.Making matters worse for the couple, they are considered outsiders, having migrated to Shahabpur two decades ago, from the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh. Sarju says he lives in fear that his hut will be torched by a resentful neighbour. That a British correspondent invited himself to stay, during a weeklong sojourn in Shahabpur to see how village India ticked, was remarkable to Sarju.

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He also disposes of dead buffaloes, cattle and goats.

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