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I like to get to know the Lady first and like her Love- a sense of humour; human connection, my greyhound; running, study, the concept of compersion Likes– a personal challenge – exploring polyamorous relationships, not necessarily one-off encounters but I would consider that too.

I am in one relationship that is stable and we see Hi there!

Looking for a a fresh start and some new adventures with the hope of meeting some like minded people along the way. I think as long as the company is good PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

FTM I have recently started to transition from F t M . If you are curious about it don't be afraid to msg me with questions, all I ask is you be respectful I'm a thoughtful and reflective person who loves 'chewing the fat' over the complexities of issues life throws up.

I love unpacking the mysteries and curiosities of the human condition.

I am politically aware and engaged, and often use the 'f' (feminism) word as a I can't get enough of nature.

I like the outdoors and I have horses so I would love to meet someone with My mantra is everyone I meet has the potential to be a friend unless they prove it otherwise.

I'm looking to connect with other like minded lesbians for friendship, networking and possibly dating.

I have learnt take the challeges life has given Hiya Chick, thanks for dropping in. (ALSO POTENTIALLY LOOKING FOR A GARAGE SALING ACCOMPLICE..I like to think that I'm pretty outgoing and energetic. to chat of anything and everything offered and experience what the universe brings forth.

I like to talk and I like to listen about people's thoughts, belief systems,the world in general, their dreams, their fears, everything.

I like to snuggle close and be affectionate, I adore kisses. Someone thats looking to build together and share life as each others person.

I'm looking for that special someone that I can can hang out with and share my journey with.

I moved from Melbourne to Ballarat for a tree change. I love laughing, long talks, travelling, philosophy, animals (rescue, don't buy at a pet store :)), the beach (& nature in general), health & fitness, having fun with style/fashion, art (of all kinds) Well after a few months away from sofa I thought I'd resubscribe.

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