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"Some signs are feminine, some are masculine," explains Quinn, "and the genders use the energy of their sign in a very different way.An Aries man is a fiery and explosive character, but a woman hangs back and instigates those fires." It is, they say, astrology as psychology.A bit of pain, perhaps."Goodness."You're a bit of an exhibitionist, aren't you? They even have their own Vogue-featured jewellery line called Astercast, which features 18-carat necklaces that you can add all your astrological elements to in the form of charms.Actress Robin Wright Penn recently borrowed her stylist's Astercast necklace to wear for a cover shoot for the New York Times Style Magazine, and loved it so much that she wanted to keep it.Ich finde dieses Buch auch sehr gut und spannend geschrieben - es entstehen echte Menschen vor dem inneren Auge, alles sehr plastisch und anschaulich.Mir gefallen besonders die Bezüge zu Mythen, Märchen und anderen Geschichten.Nicht nur mich, sondern auch viele meiner Bekannten konnte ich zuordnen, ganz besonders beim lesen Derer Vorlieben und Eigenschaften.

Marriage and the timing of marriage is very important in many cultures and especially today in western cultures when it’s so hard to find true love."They are both Aries women though," says Quinn, with a mock shake of the head, "so as you can imagine, there was a bit of a scrum." The stylist won.The stars love Starsky and Cox because they are sextrologers, a very different, esoteric form of astrology of their own devising that uses our star signs to work out what we are like as people, and what we like in bed.Stella Starsky war früher Modedesignerin, Quinn Cox immer schon Journalist.Beide haben eine Schauspielausbildung und spielen gelegentlich in Filmen oder an den Broadway-Theatern. Alle Produktbeschreibungen Selten habe ich mich in einem Astrologiebuch so wiedergefunden wie in Diesem.

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