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He often gets Inuyasha upset to the point where Kagome has him "sit" to avoid conflict.During a new moon and moment of weakness for Naraku, Kōga picked up the scent of Naraku in the air.

During the Mount Hakurei arc, Kōga spends most of his efforts trying to find a way inside the barrier surrounding the mountain, all the while fighting members of the Band of Seven.

Hakurei, not until Mōryōmaru's creation, at which point he decided to obtain the Goraishi to gain the power needed to fight his foes, who are also growing in strength.

He eventually loses his shards and decides to retire from fighting Naraku, leaving the fight to Inuyasha's group.

Upon finding out that Inuyasha killed his underlings, Kōga and Inuyasha immediately develop a rivalry with one-another, despite the fact that Inuyasha is a fellow canine.

After discovering that Kagome could sense Shikon jewel shards, Kōga kidnapped her in order to have her find the Bird of Paradise which possessed a sacred jewel shard, and through her cooperation, Kōga eventually falls in love with her, though his feelings were one-sided.

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