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Hell, after the first few weeks of Millie's efforts, I'd actually begun to resuscitate my cratered ego; not an easy task. It's going to be a long process, but he and I have a thing going, and no it's not sexual thing. Nothing too radical, but, like I say, it is a project, a long term project." "Yes, and it's a lot of work," I said, grimacing. "No, I went there, but it was..." I hesitated too long; the two women picked up on it. The ride upstate was cathartic; I was more than looking forward to the next several days. I know you still have feelings for me; heck, I still have feelings for you too.

I was in the little store picking up a couple of things I'd forgotten at the house when I bumped into him. She came up from behind him and her mouth dropped open at least a foot. But, Millie gave me a peck on the cheek, a supportive peck, and I had a visitor—Nell. If you needed a break, like Millie told me earlier, you should have stayed there. We, her and me and Christina, have talked," said Nell. "No, Dad, we weren't talking about you, just how we would have to be working around seeing you at different times than her. But, she told us you'd talked about it with her already and she promised us not to bother you. As her bra fell away, she fell onto the bed on top of me; only her panties were between us. Three punks were hassling an older man, a tall man, a man I personally knew and hated! I dialed 911 gave them the quick message and started to run toward the little knot of mayhem screaming at the top of my lungs into the now dead phone, but they didn't know that. Fielding and me never spoke to each other, but he recognized me well enough. It wasn't much, but it's more than what I'd had before I'd saved the asshole. ****** It was Sunday morning and I was getting ready to go to church. I was still in my underwear and talking to myself when I felt a presence. The time will come when everything will have calmed down some. Pushing me back onto the bed, she began to slowly undress herself. As I passed the alley behind the grocers, I heard a ruckus. They took my statement and I continued my walk home. I went back upstairs, and continued getting ready for church. I began fucking her, at first slowly and then faster. She was slippery; I popped in with very little difficulty.

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