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If you find yourself compulsively checking certain people's Twitter feeds, being overly curious about Facebook posts and generally awing over how other people live and how and when and in what ways that does and doesn't resemble your own existence, you need to stop.It's time to put the screens down and create the life you actually want.The magical thing about the decade is that you've still got some wide-eyed wonder, while for the first time, you have the ability to do something about it. What I'm trying to say is, "enjoying your 20s" is natural for most people—it's everything else that gets in the way.It's a fawned over time in people's lives because it tends to be the most, well, magical. The things you assumed, the things you expected, the things you carried with you, the things you aren't seeing clearly yet.

Culturally, we tend to have a difficult time telling the difference between the two.

They are the addictions that turn into lifestyles, and the moods that turn into full on ruts. Stop trying to slow down, and start turning around and identifying what you're running from.

They are the things that you don't like doing and yet can't help but continue to, until you're fully spiraled into them. If you can't sit with yourself, you're going to have a really difficult life.

All of life is a game and dance between which desire you let win.

You must let go of the desire for a high so intense you forego what ultimately matters. If you don't have an ability to know — and admit — when you're wrong, you're doomed to stay the same and make the same mistakes.

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