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He soon established an office in Times Square's Gem Theater, where he befriended film student D. Stryker himself had become a Maggia agent as Diamondback and died battling Cage.

Subsequent opponents included Gideon Mace, an embittered veteran seeking a U. takeover who would become a frequent foe; Chemistro (Curtis Carr), whose Alchemy Gun would be a weapon later used by others, including his own brother after Curtis reformed; and Discus, Stiletto, Shades, and Commanche, all criminals with ties to Cage's prison days who would face him repeatedly over the years.

He is self-educated in the law and speaks several languages.

Meanwhile, Cage continued in solo action against an odd assortment of villains, including the maddened professional wrestler X the Marvel, the uninspired Maggia agent Mister Fish, mobsters Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton and Ray "Piranha" Jones, the racist Wildfire, the vengeance-seeking Mangler and Spear (whose brother had died under Dr.

Burstein's treatment), rival crimelords Baron and Big Brother, the obsessive Goldbug, and Zzzax the Living Dynamo.

the Syndicate), he was badly beaten in a mob hit, saved only by Lucas's intervention.

When Stryker's girlfriend, Reva Connors, broke up with him in fear of his violent work, she sought solace from Lucas.

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Born and raised in Harlem, Carl Lucas spent his youth in a gang called the Bloods.

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