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The Amerikai Magyar Népszava Szabadság is a host to all kinds of ads.

Most of them look for airline tickets, hotels, touristic services, work, financial investment opportunities, insurances, healthcare services, spas and recreational facilities, cultural festivals, programs, real estate, houses and apartments for sale, apartment building complexes, retirement homes, antiques, dating, lawyers and related services and banking services.

az országos tévében láthatók, és a Fiatalok az Emberi Jogokért önkéntesei is tanulók ezreinek vetítik le őket foglalkozások keretén belül.

Also, it is the largest advertising newspaper in Hungarian in the US.

The Amerikai Népszava online edition ( is the largest Hungarian language online newspaper in the Western world.

[two_third last=”no”]The Hungarian American People’s Voice and Liberty (Amerikai Magyar Népszava Szabadság) is the oldest and largest Hungarian printed newspaper in the US, established in 1891.

It is the only Hungarian language newspaper published nationwide in the US that’s read all over the country.

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The younger generation of readers work in business in the financial districts of New York and other major metropolitan cities.

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