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Blockchain tech found another friend in American Express and UK customers of Santander. The firm has slipped inside its international payments platform the network of the digital startup Ripple, according to a press release.

The network allows select American Express business customers to make payments to businesses in the UK that bank with Santander.

If the Am Ex card is supposed to be a "fee-free" alternative for the unbanked, it falls short of its goal.American Express boasted that decentralised systems cut out intermediaries that could slow down international transactions, as well as offering some extra visibility into their costs and how they proceed.However, it's a bit of a shift from some other international vendors wading into the distributed digital payments world, such as IBM or Mastercard, which have gone off with their own blockchain APIs.José Luis Calderón, global head of Santander Global Transaction Banking, said in a statement: "Collaborating with forward-thinking businesses has enabled us to deliver this cutting-edge, secure, friction-free payment solution and extend our Simple, Personal, Fair philosophy to American Express and their customers.” Amex told us: "We're initiating the new transaction channel with a single partner – Santander UK – specifically for payments from American Express customers in the US to their suppliers in the UK.JP Lee Boyce of This is Money replies: The Amex card doesn't seem to be a popular choice amongst retailers and merchants.

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