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Within the benevolent confines of Facebook, every status update is fiddled and filtered until it depicts just the right message about its poster.

Facebook is where people curate their personal brands, tweaking them and buffing them to a high shine.

Naturally, the covert nature of the closed group has a downside, and it was only a matter of time before the technology would be used for ill gain.

Earlier this year, BBC News reported that paedophiles in the UK have been using secret groups on Facebook to post and swap obscene images of children.

One unnamed group is for journalists (a place to pass on commissioning tips, industry gossip and moan about freelance rates).

Some posts run quite banal; there's much talk on how to record interviews on an i Phone, or how to respond to a text from an interested gentleman caller.In a secret group like this, a shoulder to cry on, a friend or a cheerleader is never far from reach.And anyone who talks out of turn or breaks the golden rule gets shown the virtual door."I've thankfully never had to make anyone leave, and it's great that no one takes the information elsewhere," says Linda."There have been a few heated posts and a few fights, but in a group of hot-headed women that's probably to be expected." This of course flies in the face of Facebook proper; also know as the Happiest Place On The Internet.

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