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Literally any color under the rainbow was available, except for the Cadillac Fire mist colors.The pricing for a solid color "Special Paint" would vary between no charge and 5.00. If the customer was a fleet account, or if the dealer would order multiple vehicles in the same color, the pricing would be n/c.If your local paint supplier cannot identify the paint code, I'd give them a piece of this original paint, from an area that has not been exposed to the elements.Hopefully they can scan the color and provide you with a proper match.This was a very popular special order color on trucks, but some cars were ordered with it too! The "1001HA" is the pricing code for the special paint.The charges for a solid color special paint would vary from no charge (1001AA) to 5.00 (1001HA).However, with the production on the F-body coming to a close, GM has me scheduled to go to the Corvette Museum and represent both Chevy and Pontiac on the same weekend at the Camaro-Firebird Gathering, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Although these vehicles were ordered with "special paint", .

GM special paint info from numerous website discussions with Jim Mattison (former COPO office at GM) and owner of Pontiac Historical Services.

It appears that your car was special ordered through the Chevrolet Fleet & Special Order Department (many of you folks call it the COPO Group).

Occasionally, the plant would call and question the painting instructions, but not all that often!

The next five (5) digits are for the mixing formula of the paint.

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